Giving Back

A percentage of the proceeds from each sale through this website is donated to these organizations below...

There are so many amazing organizations out there giving their time, energy and funds to the people who need it the most in our communities. This is why I choose to support the charitable organizations below. All of the organizations I support have been carefully vetted and chosen for their levels of contributions they provide our communities, their high percentage of total donation funds to the cause and their overall philosophy and approach. 

Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

The WRSPC is a nonprofit grassroots organization from Waterloo Region that operates under the supervision of a board and influenced by the voices of our community brought forward through our advisory committee. We strive to maintain equitable representations from professionals/organizations dealing directly with suicidal behavior, associated professionals and gatekeepers, and the community (family, friends and individuals affected by suicide).

The WRSPC focuses on three key priorities for our community to achieve our vision and mission: 1) Building Sense of Community, 2) Education and Training, and 3) Organizational Capacity and Excellence.


Holy Rosary Catholic Parish

A place of faith and community in Guelph

Holy Rosary is a vibrant and active community. Whether you are a regular parishoner, new to Guelph, thinking of joining a parish or just visiting, our parish information pages should provide you with all of the information you need.


‘Cura Personalis’ – Care of the Person

As a parish community, we strive to nurture a culture of caring for all persons. We seek to respond compassionately to those within our parish and the wider community and to reach to the world beyond.


Good Sheppard

Good Shepherd services include emergency food and clothing; daily hot meals; emergency shelters for men, youth, families, women and children; transitional housing and education for homeless and street-involved youth; hospice palliative care; community mental health programs; and supportive housing programs.

We see the good in people, not only the challenge. We hear the warmth in their voices. We recognize that we all have potential and promise. Our programs help to tear down the barriers that have impeded our community’s most vulnerable citizens and help them to establish a path to a stable and healthy life.

The work of Good Shepherd is based on a fundamental belief in providing hope and restoring dignity to the most vulnerable members of our community. Good Shepherd’s innovative programs and services are provided 365 days a year, without judgment, to anyone in need. All our services are offered free of charge. 

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