He Calls Me Lumen

The impact we have is often unknown

Few people can state that one individual changed the course of their entire life. I am one of those people and Tom Traian Omorean, my musical muse, was one of those amazing individuals that changed the course of my existence. Sadly, we lost him November 23rd 2019. An immense loss that will ripple across my heart for the rest of my life.

Tom and I met back in April 1998. I was singing at a waterfront restaurant in Fort Lauderdale for the FORD company which he had been hired to do event photography for. After my show, he approached me to see if I would be interested in helping him with a vocal project he was working on. We exchanged contact information and began a pen pal relationship that would change the course of our lives forever.

Tom was an incredible artist. He was gifted in numerous disciplines and his talent, quite frankly, was limitless. He was so innovative in his creativity, light years ahead of anyone who was blessed to work by his side…including me.

He quickly became someone that inspired me musically, artistically, and most profoundly…spiritually.

Soon after Tom and I met, we became best friends and began this incredible creative journey that I will value till my last breath. We became each other’s creative muse and supplied one another with endless and immeasurable amounts of artistic inspiration.

Every image I have, he’s taken of me. Every video I have made so far, he’s created for me. 90% of all the songs I have written to date are either about him, about us or inspired by his views of this world. My musical career would not have existed without his passage in my life. His beautiful and soulful influence sculpted the artist I am today.

He loved and appreciated unique individuals

Tom was the kind of person that was genuinely interested in human connections. He appreciated the uniqueness of each individual that he met along the his path, always finding a way to make them feel special, heard and understood. He was attracted to the most abstract of all and had a knack for uncovering what was below the surface of what seemed ordinary to most of us. He turned ordinary into majestic. Through his eyes, you couldn’t help but see beauty, purpose and belonging. He was unconditional.

Below are some of my favourite special projects Tom Traian Omorean brought to life…

Hobo’s R Us – The Cuddy Shack Chronicles

This is the first instalment of the Cuddy Shack Chronicles featuring Marty Zuliniak. It details the history of the Hobo population in the Dundas area and their way of life past & present. Great stories! Marty creates a little piece of Eden in our everyday lives by showcasing a much simpler lifestyle that connects to nature in ways we can only dream of… Filmed and produced by Tom Traian Omorean

Tom befriended Marty and they quickly became friends. Marty would spend hours sharing old stories on our porch about the good ole’ days with Tom and I. Tom wanted to make it into a series and created this great pilot for it.

Live Artwork – Andy Stocks

Andy Stocks was another amazing artist and unique individual that stepped into Tom’s universe during the time we shared. Artist painter, storyteller, writer, songwriter, etc…Andy did it all incredibly well and Tom loved documenting his uniqueness on film. Below, Andy shows us what it takes to create a story through water colors…

Andy wrote a song which he liked to call “The Cowboy Song“. A song about the essence of being on the trail for several months and longing for the arms of your one true love…Tom was so moved and inspired by the song that he felt compelled to put images to words for Andy’s song. To this day, it’s had 87,000 views on YouTube. I remember the both of us sitting on the floor of our room listening to this song on a dictaphone and being moved to tears. We knew it was special. With Tom’s touch, it became ethereal.

Mike Birthelmer – Sarah’s Violin

Mike was another amazing artist that Tom met in 2009 and instantly formed a kinship with. Tom ended up creating visuals for each of Mike’s songs for a show he did at Hamilton Studio. It was one of my favorite projects to watch unfold. It was an incredibly successful show and Tom’s talents definitely increased the magic.

Tom’s work is in all parts of this world. He worked for an advertising agency for more than 20 years and was behind visual art projects  that were presented at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum – The Egyptian Classroom project) and the Imiloa Astronomy Education Center of Hawaii ( Taxi Robot , The Atom , The birth of the milky way) 

Klaude Walters Video Projects

Of course, for most of my musical career from 2000 to 2012, Tom Traian Omorean, was the photographer, videographer, producer, director, artistic visionary, behind all my projects. He brought to life my songs like no one else ever could. I admired his talent more than anyone I’ve ever met and was greatly in awe of all that he created. Here are some of my favorite projects Tom created for me:

Lend a Helping Hand was a video Tom created for the song I wrote to raise funds for the people of Haiti after being hit by the horrible earthquake. We were both very touched by this event and this was our way to share the depth of our pain and try to do what we could to help bring visibility and donations to the cause.

Walking The Line was a video Tom created for the song I wrote for the “Walking The Line” album. It was one of his masterpieces. I loved developing the concept with him and spending hours editing with him every inch of this video. Few people know the actual hundreds of hours that go into producing a 4 min video like this one. Tom loved this sort of creative project and I was in awe of his talent and watching him do his magic.

Help Me Let You Go was our most special project. One we both enjoyed so much. I wrote this song for my brother Walter and Tom wanted to make the video extra special to honor his memory and he did a fantastic job. It took a village of talented people to complete both Walking The Line and Help Me Let You Go. Actors, camera men, makeup artists, location scouts, etc…all gave so much of themselves to us in both these projects. A very big reason was that all of them loved working with Tom. He had a way of directing everyone and making them each feel like their participation was immeasurable and indispensable. Each a very important part of the team. They all made a lot of my musical dreams come true.

A Spiritual Guide

Tom was also someone that was naturally spiritual and close to the earth.

He loved nature and was incredibly gifted when it came to growing anything. Saying he had a green thumb would be an understatement. He loved living on his 50 acres farm where he had chickens and all kinds of wildlife around him. Mother Earth inspired him the most and he had the utmost respect for her.

To most who knew him, Tom became a spiritual guide. One who gently guided his followers towards content that provided clarity, inspiration, motivation and a deeper understanding of themselves. He was never one to push his opinions on anyone. He talked very little. When he did, it was usually filled with wisdom and made you take a step back and ponder his words.

He had a divine presence about him.

Whenever he entered a room, you could sense the energy change. He had a calming effect, one that made you immediately feel at ease and at home. This made people gravitate towards him with no effort of his own.

He had a passion for life, art, music, creating. Nothing made him happier than when he was in the midst of creating something out of nothing.

He had a specialness I can’t quite explain with words.

My artistic MUSE…

Tom and I’s friendship developed into something deeper and on July 27 2000 we were married at the bottom of Webster’s Falls at sunrise.