International Woman's Day

My beginning phrase might be controversial to some being that it is "International Women's Day" but I hope the deeper meaning will be received in my statement...

"I wish we lived in a world where there didn't need to be a day to underline a special group of human beings to be celebrated and acknowledged. I wish we lived in a world where every human being was celebrated every day equally and lived with gratitude in their hearts for the miracle it was to be human."

But since we don't, I will share a special poem I wrote on this "International Women's Day" as an homage to all the extraordinary women in my life that are role models for me...and no, none of them are celebrities. The Beyoncés, J-Los and the lots of Kardashians didn't make the cut.

I am talking about the every day, real women that struggle through this world without fame or fortune in their wake and manage to spread light and love even when their lives seem filled with darkness.


You're strong

You're willful

You're bright

And powerful

You're sweet

You're generous

You're steady

And victorious

You're committed

You're sassy

You're persistent

And sexy

You're truthful

You're bold

You're opinionated

And pure gold

You're all these things

And so much more

Your everyday

Deserves and encore


For some of you...

You dim your light

To let others shine

To catch the love

They leave behind

The inner words

You use inside

They dim your light

They false your mind

Starting now and moving forward

See yourself through my eyes

For the brightness I see before me

Captures your limitless mind

Know that all is possible

No matter what you think today

The only limits you'll ever come across

Are the ones you put in your way.

Be "everything" you want to be

No matter what they say

After all, only you can create life

That's the miracle they can't take away.

Happy International Women's Day!

The following song, "A Stronger Mind" was written for all of the women in my life that are the role models of my existence. It speaks of how important it is to have positive affirmations for our minds and to sow seeds of love and gratitude within our hearts and minds. The mind is a very powerful tool. Used wisely, it can grant us access to a world of opportunities and bring forth everything we've ever wished for.

I dedicate it to all of the special women in my world xoxo

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