LoFi Vibe - New Single - Suicide Kills

The first single from the new album, "Gonna Find My Way", "Suicide Kills" officially launched on October 31st 2020. Why that day?

It was the day I lost my brother Walter to suicide...24 years ago.

It was important that I release the song and the animated video, created by an incredibly gifted artist on Instagram under the artistic username #crumblingart. The song was produced by my very talented friend, Eric Papky from Hive Studios in Hamilton, ON.

The song is about my own struggles with suicidal ideation and my brother's passing from Suicide. The skillful artist who created the animation was able to capture the lyrics visually and render a beautiful story on a sensitive subject.

The subject of Suicide still seems to be stigmatized to this day as much as it was 25 years ago. Not much has changed. So many suffer in silence. So many decline to have the conversation because of the fear they harbour about being judged or rendered incapable of productive contribution.

Suicide Kills Lyrics

written and performed by Klaude Walters

Suicide Kills

It eats away

Every Day

A tiny part of you

It’s a shame

How everything changes

Through all of the stages

Now I can’t feel a thing

Ooo Ooo Ooo

I’m Falling


Nothing there to break my fall

Ooo Ooo Ooo

I’m drowning


No one hears my call

Suicide Kills

No one survives

A life made of lies

To heavy to carry No one knows

The feeling inside

The secrets you hide

The pain the consumes you

Ooo Ooo Ooo

I’m Falling


Nothing there to break my fall

Ooo Ooo Ooo

I’m drowning


No one hears my call

People understand

Only what they want to

Blame everyone else

For what they failed to do

No one wants to face

What they refused to see

Suicide Kills –by Klaude Walters - Copyrighted

They just can’t believe

And now it’s just too late

Suicide Kills - Animation Video

"It’s already been 24 years since I last heard your infectious laughter, seen your brilliant smile and felt your cheek on mine through those bear hugs you always greeted me with at the door.
Another year has gone by without you. The void is still very present even if I have learned, in time, to live without your physical presence. Your kindness, the beauty of your soul, still lives within my heart. Your beautiful face…I still see in my mind, your laughter still fills the space around my heart.
The world hasn’t stopped turning, it’s turning faster than ever before. In fact, this year, 2020, has been the fastest one yet. More than ever, people have been thinking of the exit signs. It’s been that kind of year…one I am grateful you’ve missed.
I still miss you and will always love you…your passage etched in my heart forever until we meet again."

Since writing the book “Suicide Kills”, in which I express not only my own experience with standing on the edge of death’s cliff but also losing one of my most precious beings to suicide, I have been inundated with emails and messages of people’s current and past sufferings with the subject. Seems, more than ever, people need to talk, express their inner demons and get thrown back a sliver of hope that things will get better. Some say they’ve received that message loud and clear through the book and its helpful insights.

In tribute to my brother Walter, I give the world a glimpse of what it truly feels to have lived through both sides of the coin on the subject of suicide.

I hope this video creates open conversations about the subject of suicide. Why it happens, why it’s even a choice for some people and why, to this day, it’s such a taboo subject to talk about. We need to abolish the fear that lies behind those conversations and be able to de-stigmatize the subject. Having thoughts about giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak. Sharing those thoughts with others doesn’t make you less than. In fact, it makes you brave, it makes you self aware, it makes you a hero of your own story because through that sharing, you may save a life…your own or someone else’s.

If you or a family member, friend or colleague are having suicidal thoughts and need help, don’t hesitate, reach out and talk to someone. It truly does help.

Crisis Service Canada hotline: 1-833-456-4566

Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA): 1-800-273-8255

To pre-order the album, click here: https://www.klaudewalters.ca/.../suicide-kills-digital-album

A % of the proceeds of all sales goes to support the charitable organizations that Klaude Walters supports.

To learn more about those organizations, click here: https://www.klaudewalters.ca/giving-back

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