Digital Albums

Klaude Walters is not only a brilliant non-fiction author and self-publishing coach, she is also a very talented songwriter/composer. Her latest album is all about using visualization to empower women in their journey through life. Although the content may sometimes be heavy, that weight is easily surpassed by the uplifting and inspirational overall message of the album in its totality. A complete "Must-Have" for your list of favorites in 2020!

New Album "Gonna Find My Way"

I wanted to do something different. I wanted to write from a different place, be inspired by new and different sounds and genres and make it an amalgamation of senses. 

This album was written to be a companion to the book "Suicide Kills". Every song matches a chapter in this book and is a musical summary of the content for that chapter giving the reader an auditive experience. Much like the soundtrack to a movie, this album underlines, musically, what takes place in the chapters of the book.

Get them together or as individual pieces, any way you experience these, it will be worth it.

This is Jazz - Jazz Album
Walking The Line - Country Album
Take A Chance On Blues - Blues Album