Suicide Kills Project

I want to remember & never forget...

The project, "Suicide Kills", began percolating

within me after the terrible loss of my brother to

suicide on October 31st 1996.


This event sent me down a rabbit hole of grief that lasted for almost 18 years of my life. I spent those years struggling with wanting to keep the memory of my beloved brother Walter alive. I wanted to tell his story...and mine...but refused to share the despair I felt at the time. I wanted whatever I decided to create in his memory to be filled with hope and inspiration. I wanted his loss to be purposeful and not to have been in vain.  


My brother was my hero. I had a deep love for the incredible and perfect being that he was. His humour and incredibly generous heart endeared him to everyone he ever encountered and his funeral sent shockwaves across our tiny town and packed our church with hundreds of people he had touched in some way.

He was the brother every sister wanted as a protector and a friend...

He was the first person to ever encourage my musical endeavours and proclaim my "superstar" status out loud, even if it was only in his beautiful mind.

I had to create something special to commemorate his life here on earth. His undeniable passage through my life and his immense influence in everything I did...especially artistically. I even adopted his first name as my stage name so that he would always be a part of every artistic creation I ever completed. Hence the artistic name, Klaude Walters, was born.


First came the book. I wanted to tell our story, his and mine for 2 very specific reasons. The first, I wanted the world to know him, to know his story and to understand the depth of pain that suicide causes to the ones left behind. I wanted to unburden my heart of the immense weight that his loss had been to me.


Secondly, I wanted to reach out to others in this world that could relate to his story and mine and help them in a way that I knew only I could. I wanted to connect at a deep level and give them tools that would inspire, encourage and motivate them back to a healthier mindset.


I truly believe that this book does this... 

What people are saying...

Then came the album
Suicide Kills album front cover2.png
Suicide Kills album back cover2.png

The album was written after the book was completed and was meant to be included with the book. Each song of the album connects with its counter part, the book's chapters. 

For ex: The first song of the album, "What I Wouldn't Give" is a song I wrote about my father and relates to the first chapter of the book. 

This is meant to create a multi-sensory experience for the reader. Much like music plays a role in the emotions we feel during a poignant scene in a movie, the soundtrack of the book creates the same experience for the reader.

I wanted to push myself as an artist on this project so I decided to write the lyrics and music using a new and very different approach to what I was accustomed to. You can learn more about my process in this blog post  

The genre is a mix of Pop and something new called LoFi Hip Hop. The album has some really cool dance tunes and some powerful ballads that reminisce the style that Gaga used in the wonderful movie "A Star Is Born".

It's by far my best work and my most personal. It's my life's journey's soundtrack.

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Here's a taste of the new album...
But I wanted more...
From Powerless To Powerful - The Online Course

Once I had written the book and developed the album, I felt like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I knew people would love the book and be touched, moved by the album but then what? What would they be able to do to improve their life journey after the experience was over?

I had read many great books that left me feeling inspired and motivated but that also unfortunately left me with no direction or blueprint on what to do with all this new found empowerment. I wanted more for my audience, I wanted to empower them to create real, authentic changes in their lives. That's when I decided to push the project one step further and create an accompanying online course that would take the exercises, tips and tricks from the book and expand them within individual modules delivered through an online course platform. This way, I could create worksheets, journals, videos and other engaging content that would help the reader dig deep within their own situation and move through to the other side of their challenge or pain. 

With that, I had the "Trifecta" I was looking for...

"The book and album served as inspiration and the online course, "From Powerless to Powerful", would continue the journey to true authentic empowerment."

I invite those of you looking to make a serious and authentic change in your life to get the book & album right now and start your journey towards shedding the weight of your past and empowering yourself to create the future you were born to experience. Start learning the tools that will help you develop a limitless mindset that will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. The course comes free with the purchase of the book and the album. Simply email me at klaudewalters@gmail.com with proof of purchase (receipt) and I will send you the access to the FREE online course.

Start NOW. Don't wait. Time waits for no one. Every minute you waste "surviving" is a minute less "Living".

Prepare To Be Empowered!

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