Transformational Trifecta Experience

The Transformational Trifecta Experience

I wanted to create a unique experience for my fans, one that really embedded my 3 major passions in my life: writing, music and teaching.


I started by writing my memoir, a collection of empowering diary entries of the most transformative moments of my life. Once I had the book, I decided that each chapter should have its own song to create a soundtrack and set the mood for each chapter...much like music does for movie scenes.


Once I had these 2 components, I wanted to finish the "empowering trifecta experience" by developing an interactive online course that would deepen the reader's journey into self-awareness by providing more indepth tools, exercises and workbooks.


I am so humbled by the daily messages I have been getting from people who have purchased this and have begun their journey towards self-love and the awakening of their inner giant. I feel privileged and blessed to have been able to develop such a unique product that offers others what I wished I could have received when I first began my own journey of self-discovery.

What you get...

This package contains the following products:

  • A digital copy of the book, "Suicide Kills".

  • A digital copy of the new album, "Gonna Find My Way".

  • Lifetime access to the interactive, online course "Powerless to Powerful".

Once you complete the purchase through Paypal, you'll be redirected to a landing page with all of your downloads.